Sunday, March 6, 2011


I believe everyone has played at least 1 prank in the entire life not necessarily on April Fools day. If you haven’t, then I’m sure someone has most definitely played a prank on you. The most common prank I can think of are blank calls. Although it might just get you into trouble, if you have a cranky called party its  quite harmless I’d like to think.


For the more technically inclined original pranksters – Prank Phone calls = BlueJacking. You would need to have Bluetooth technology though. BlueJacking just takes advantage of the loophole in the messaging system of Bluetooth technology. It allows a user to send unsolicited message to other Bluetooth users in the nearby area.


A bluejacker will find his victims in crowded locations, like malls, railway stations, airports, even in his own office. Basically areas with higher potential of Bluetooth users.


So how is bluejacking actually done? What is the loophole?



You might be aware that Bluetooth technology generally operates via low power radio waves @ a frequency of 2 GHZ. This is also known as the ISM band- which is an open, unlicensed band which is actually supposed to be used for industrial, scientific and medical devices( check DOT for more info).


So, in the same area multiple Bluetooth devices share the same ISM band and are able to locate and communicate with each other.


That’s how you can share music, pictures, text messages etc. Here your device will search for the other device it needs to connect to and tap into its resources. Bluejackers have devised a very simple technique to trick their victims. Instead of creating a legitimate name in the address book, the bluejacker's message takes the place of the name. The prank essentially erases the "from" part of the equation, allowing the Bluejacker to send anything he wishes without indentifying himself.


For example imagine yourself at Café Coffee day, you notice a pleasant couple (Bluetooth users)sipping on some hot chocolate. You can set up a contact as “Is your chocolate hot enough?” After choosing to send the SMS via Bluetooth, your mobile will search for Bluetooth devices in its vicinity.

What follows is a mixed expression of confusion and fear much to the Bluejackers delight.


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