Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sonar Cellphones

I’m sure you’ve watched Dark Night and were blown away by the awesome Phone Mr Fox develops which can emit sound pulses.

A sonar image of surrounding area of the phone gets reconstructed by the reflections of these pulses. And you’re like WTF, is this even possible. Well, its not impossible, difficult but not impossible.

You know that submarines use it to detect their surrounding areas and ultrasound machines are used to check on unborn babies. These surroundings however, aren’t cluttered with noise. Move back to Batman, how does he do this in a crowded place? Low frequencies cant see around corners. They cannot bend around obstacles. You need to have a direct and unobstructed path to be able to see something.Just like a sonogram.


A cell phone frequency is faced with multiple obstacles and hence a clear picture might not be possible. As frequency increases the wavelength keeps getting thinner. At high frequencies cause severe reductions which limits your cell range terribly.


And if you’re an avid cellphone user, you will agree, signaling isn’t real time. And your phone wll never pick up the direction of the wave or even send information in the direction of the wave.

Now Batman, like our Rajnikanth, also arranges for his program code to be installed in every cellphone in Gotham city. This turn every bloody cellphone into a spy detector, which continuously listens to its surrounding areas and transforms them into sonar signals which is ultimately sent to this Giant computer. This computer scans for the Jokers voice just to find his location.

Well this it seems is reality. Apparently after the 9/11 attacks, the US government has installed these tracking software in every cellphone(Yea right!). There are rumors that the NSA’s ECHELON program can pick out voices from millions of calls. Read more onhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Echelon_(signals_intelligence)


Hmmm….i hate the idea of “Someone Somewher is WATCHING”

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